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Introducing Sariska!
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Brajendra Kumar
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Bharath Rupani
Hi! This is team Sariska and we’re super excited to finally share with the world a radically new and simplified communication infrastructure platform built for everyone from independent developers to enterprises.
In its current form, communication infrastructure is:
  • Complex to integrate and manage independently.
  • Disparate in its development framework (separate integration for conferencing, streaming, and so on) and cross-platform management.
  • Limited with its modularity and interoperability.
  • Inefficient with media relay as well as scaling.
We have re-engineered the communication layer from the ground up.
From communication to streaming to interactivity, SARISKA offers a comprehensive tech stack to build everything from tiny applications to endless worlds through simple, fast, and secure APIs and SDKs helping you to get from development to launch in a week.
We have built SARISKA with first principles for:
  • Simplicity: Streamlined, easy-to-understand, and integrated SDKs help you go live with your application or build features in less than a day.
  • Flexibility: Complete control over the features and development with fully modular components to make your application as lightweight as possible.
  • Adaptive Relay: Real-time video and audio quality switching accounting for bandwidth and device capabilities with edge case handling delivering the best experience.
  • Transparency: Real-time visibility from usage to bugs with powerful backend logging allows for fully dynamic error anticipation and advanced analytics.
This is on the qualitative side but we are engineers at heart, so here’s what we believe will be the true difference-maker:
  • Unified Development: Truly cross-platform, integrated, and unified SDK spanning everything from IoT to Web to VR/AR, giving you hassle-free development for all platforms.
  • Seamless Debugging: Real-Time bug logging enables you to anticipate errors before user reports and single-click deployment fixes enabled by unified SDK (across platforms).
  • Unparalleled Efficiency: Scale to millions of users with high quality, low latency media transport even in the most remote locations and lowest-end devices powered by the most powerful and future-proof protocols like Jitsi (video) and Erlang (for high-speed real-time messaging).
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At SARISKA, we are streamlining the development of communication-centric applications for a new age, such that it is — fast, lightweight, and simple to integrate and manage.
Over the coming few weeks we’ll be releasing a lot more material and resources around our platform, upcoming features, learning resources, setup library, and a ton of stuff that we plan on building.
If you’re building your own world or a real-time communication app, do get in touch with us directly on twitter/linkedin @sariskaio
If you’re passionate about building deep tech from scratch, do check out our openings or get in touch either way.
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